L as Laxpudding

Laxpudding recipe by our ambassador Uomo in Bagno:

  • 1 kg. potato
  • 300 gr. smoked salmon
  • 4 eggs 
  • dill
  • 1 dl. cream
  • 1 dl. milk
  • butter 
  • salt 
  • pepper
Peel the potatoes and bollitele for about twenty minutes. Let them cool and cut into thick slices about half a centimeter. Grease a baking sheet and create a first layer of potatoes. Then a layer of salmon sprinkled with dill, pepper and salt. Create alternating layers of potatoes and salmon with spices, to top it off with a layer of potatoes. In a bowl, pour milk, cream and eggs, and mix until creamy smooth. Pour into the pan. Bake the mixture at 180 ° for about 40-50 minutes.

In our cooking trip around the European Community countries, Laxpudding represents Sweden:
Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Sweden borders Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Øresund.

Recipes from Sweden in the Culinary ABC (in alphabetic order):

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